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Thread: : Total Lunar Eclipse
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>> Tonight's total lunar eclipse as seen from my back yard -
>> 4 stage sequence.
>>     http://others.servebeer.com/misc/eclipsesequence.jpg
> 4th image, totality, looks much redder in your photograph
> than what I was seeing with naked eye & binoculars (from
> southern California, US west coast) -- looked much browner,
> either L=1 or L=2 on the Danjon scale.

Yes - but, while the camera image can indeed be made to look whatever
shade of red one wishes, it did in fact look much redder through the
SLR eyepiece than when viewed with naked eye. My lens is effectively a
1500mm (500mm mirror lens x 2X teleconverter x 1.5X camera crop
factor.) Compared to naked eye that's about 1500/50 = 30X and
binoculars were probably 7X - 12X range? I would have thought that
binoculars and lens would have had similar images.

The totality image was a 3 second exposure - I'm not sure how or if
that would affect the relative colouration in this case but sometimes
strange second order effects do creep in.

> Very pleasant to sit out in the backyard, read email, and
> look at the eclipse just by glancing up. :-)


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