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FontDirEntry Overview  Group

The FontDirEntry structure contains information about an individual font in a font resource group.

struct FontDirEntry { 

    WORD dfVersion; 

    DWORD dfSize; 

    char dfCopyright[60]; 

    WORD dfType; 

    WORD dfPoints; 

    WORD dfVertRes; 

    WORD dfHorizRes; 

    WORD dfAscent; 

    WORD dfInternalLeading; 

    WORD dfExternalLeading; 

    BYTE dfItalic; 

    BYTE dfUnderline; 

    BYTE dfStrikeOut; 

    WORD dfWeight; 

    BYTE dfCharSet; 

    WORD dfPixWidth; 

    WORD dfPixHeight; 

    BYTE dfPitchAndFamily; 

    WORD dfAvgWidth; 

    WORD dfMaxWidth; 

    BYTE dfFirstChar; 

    BYTE dfLastChar; 

    BYTE dfDefaultChar; 

    BYTE dfBreakChar; 

    WORD dfWidthBytes; 

    DWORD dfDevice; 

    DWORD dfFace; 

    DWORD dfReserved; 

    char szDeviceName[]; 

    char szFaceName[]; 




Specifies a user-defined version number for the resource data that tools can use to read and write resource files.
Specifies the size of the file, in bytes.
Contains a 60-character string with the font supplier's copyright information.
Specifies the type of font file.
Specifies the point size at which this character set looks best.
Specifies the vertical resolution, in dots per inch, at which this character set was digitized.
Specifies the horizontal resolution, in dots per inch, at which this character set was digitized.
Specifies the distance from the top of a character definition cell to the baseline of the typographical font.
Specifies the amount of leading inside the bounds set by the dfPixHeight member. Accent marks and other diacritical characters can occur in this area.
Specifies the amount of extra leading that the application adds between rows.
Specifies an italic font if not equal to zero.
Specifies an underlined font if not equal to zero.
Specifies a strikeout font if not equal to zero.
Specifies the weight of the font in the range 0 through 1000. For example, 400 is roman and 700 is bold. If this value is zero, a default weight is used. For additional defined values, see the description of the LOGFONT structure.
Specifies the character set of the font. For predefined values, see the description of the LOGFONT structure.
Specifies the width of the grid on which a vector font was digitized. For raster fonts, if the member is not equal to zero, it represents the width for all the characters in the bitmap. If the member is equal to zero, the font has variable-width characters.
Specifies the height of the character bitmap for raster fonts or the height of the grid on which a vector font was digitized.
Specifies the pitch and the family of the font. For additional information, see the description of the LOGFONT structure.
Specifies the average width of characters in the font (generally defined as the width of the letter x). This value does not include the overhang required for bold or italic characters.
Specifies the width of the widest character in the font.
Specifies the first character code defined in the font.
Specifies the last character code defined in the font.
Specifies the character to substitute for characters not in the font.
Specifies the character that will be used to define word breaks for text justification.
Specifies the number of bytes in each row of the bitmap. This value is always even so that the rows start on word boundaries. For vector fonts, this member has no meaning.
Specifies the offset in the file to a null-terminated string that specifies a device name. For a generic font, this value is zero.
Specifies the offset in the file to a null-terminated string that names the typeface.
This member is reserved.
Array that contains a null-terminated string that specifies the name of the device if this font file is designated for a specific device.
Array that contains a null-terminated string that specifies the typeface name of the font.


There is one FontDirEntry structure for every font in the .RES file. Applications that generate .RES files with font resources must also add to the file a FontDirEntry structure for each font.

Font declarations can be mixed with other resource declarations in the .RC file because fonts do not need to be contiguous in the .RES file.

See Also

DirEntry, FontGroupHdr, LOGFONT 

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