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            Is Peace Possible


Is peace possible?

Of course, you say.

Then why have we been so successful at starting wars.

When's the last time anyone started a peace?


No, a reasonable person looking at our track record

would reach the obvious conclusion, it's impossible.

But that's part of the beauty of being human.

We still don't know that much about ourselves.

Otherwise, why would so many of us work so hard

against Sisyphian odds for what is still just a dream.


Martin Luther King had a dream that didn't seem possible.

Now it's a reality and the bigots are on the run.

We dream of the time when all people will walk

hand in hand and the tyrants will be on the run.


While all the great people who changed history

dreamed, they dreamed and did.

What can we do?


Must we bear witness against each war? Yes!

For our well being, as well as the cause of peace.

We will only prevail if the war is not going well.

If we're winning, it's a just war.

But if no voice is heard, it will never stop.


There is very good news from the genetic labs.

Science is now finding out morality is part of

evolution. Being good is our natural State.

Then why must we go through a labyrinth

to find peace?


Because we are nature plus nurture.

Nurture shapes and intensifies our emotions.

There are only two emotions, love and fear.

Love begets caring compassion and peace.

Fear begets hate, bigotry and war.


Despite all the scientific wonders,

it is still a paranoid tribal world.

We learn loyalties that serve others.

The dark walls of the labyrinth go up.


We must go back to where that trouble started.

Erase the defeatist scrolls from our depths,

Feel the goodness from our wonderful mortal souls.

Only then will we demand our birthright of peace.



This task is harder to do than say.

The walls must come down as

 they went up. Brick by brick.


But when we get back to our peace,

we will turn around and shine its light.

And one by one, other lights will join.

Until fear has no place to hide.


                                                            Joe Henchy

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