Javascript Page to determine stepper wires (wires.htm 0.4 - plp)

Roman Black's
stepper motor
controller kit:

A step-by-step procedure to determine the wiring of your stepper motor using a DVM and a 'D' cell battery.

Step 1 of 3:

Number the wires of your motor using numbers from 1 to 5 or more. Leave the entries for wires you do not have, blank. Note: This script does not currently support 8 wire motors.

Now fill in the table with resistance readings, measured between the numbered wires. Leave columns and lines for wires which your motor does not have, and for lines that read open circuit, as is (showing NaN or blank). Use TAB to move between cells. Click Calc when done.

From (row)
to (column)
to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 to 6 to 7 to 8
from 1
from 2  
from 3    
from 4      
from 5        
from 6          
from 7            


Step 2 of 3:

Determine the phases of a 5-wire motor using a 'D' cell dry battery.

If the table below is blank after completing step 1, skip to step 3.

Instructions: Obtain a 'D' cell battery and attach two crocodile clip leads to it, then connect the battery to the motor wires according to the following table. Make entries into the table as follows:
- If the motor has a detent (is harder to spin) when the battery is connected: Y
- If the motor does not have a detent: N
Please make sure that the wires make good contact!
Do not edit the numbers in the table, only the Y and N characters, as needed.
If the table is blank, leave it so and skip to step 3.

From: To: Detent:
From: To: Detent:
From: To: Detent:
From: To: Detent:
From: To: Detent:
From: To: Detent:

Step 3 of 3:

Wire the motor to a controller according to the Results window below. If the motor does turn clockwise, then you are done, you have found the connections for your motor. If the motor turns counter-clockwise, then click on the button, stop the controller, and rewire the motor according to the new wiring shown in the window. Then, start the controller again and see that the motor spins clockwise.

When everything works, click the button and fill in the details to identify your work.


Finally you may this form, and share it with others by it so it can be shared with others.

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