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IBM PC BIOS and MS/PC-DOS Interrupt Services Summary

Number	Address	Type	Description
-------	-------	----..	--------------------------------------------
Int\00	00-03	CPU	Divide by Zero
Int\01	04-07	CPU	Single Step
Int\02	08-0B	CPU	Nonmaskable
Int\03	0C-0F	CPU	Breakpoint
Int\04	10-13	CPU	Overflow
Int\05	14-17	BIOS	Print Screen
Int\06	18-1B	hdw	Reserved
Int\07	1C-1F	hdw	Reserved
Int\08	20-23	hdw	Time of Day
Int\09	24-27	hdw	Keyboard
Int\0A	28-2B	hdw	Reserved
Int\0B	2C-2F	hdw	Communications (8259)
Int\0C	30-33	hdw	Communications
Int\0D	34-37	hdw	Disk
Int\0E	38-3B	hdw	Diskette
Int\0F	3C-3F	hdw	Printer
Int\10	40-43	BIOS	Video I/O - services to handle video output
Int\11	44-47	BIOS	Equipment Check
Int\12 48-4B	  BIOS	  Memory
Int\13 4C-4F	  BIOS	  Diskette/Disk
Int\14 50-53	  BIOS	  Serial Communications
Int\15 54-57	  BIOS	  Cassette, System Services
Int\16 58-5B	  BIOS	  Keyboard
Int\17 5C-5F	  BIOS	  Parallel Printer
Int\18 60-63	  BIOS	  ROM BASIC Loader
Int\19 64-67	  BIOS	  Bootstrap Loader
Int\1A 68-6B	  BIOS	  Time of Day
Int\1B 6C-6F	  BIOS	  Keyboard Break
Int\1C 70-73	  BIOS	  Timer Tick
Int\1D 74-77	  BIOS	  Video Initialization
Int\1E 78-7B	  BIOS	  Diskette Parameters
Int\1F 7C-7F	  BIOS	  Video Graphics Characters, second set
Int\20 80-83	  DOS	  General Program Termination
Int\21 84-87	  DOS	  DOS Services Function Request
Int\22 88-8B	  DOS	  Called Program Termination Address
Int\23 8C-8F	  DOS	  Control Break Termination Address
Int\24 90-93	  DOS	  Critical Error Handler
Int\25 94-97	  DOS	  Absolute Disk Read
Int\26 98-9B	  DOS	  Absolute Disk Write
Int\27 9C-9F	  DOS	  Terminate and Stay Resident
Int\28 A0-FF	  DOS  r  Reserved for DOS
Int\29 A4-A7	  DOS *   Fast Screen Write
Int\2A A8-AB	  DOS	  Microsoft Networks - Session Layer Interrupt
Int\2B AC-AF	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\2C B0-B3	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\2D	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\2E	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\2F	  DOS	  Multiplex Interrupt
Int\30	  DOS *   Far jump instruction for CP/M-style calls
Int\31	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\32	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\33	  DOS	  Used by Microsoft Mouse Driver
Int\34	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\35	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\36	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\37	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\38	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\39	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\3A	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\3B	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\3C	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\3D	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\3E	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\3F	  DOS  r  Reserved and unknown
Int\40 100-103  BIOS r  Hard Disk BIOS
Int\41 104-107  BIOS r  Hard Disk Parameters	(except PC1)
Int\42 108-10B  BIOS r  Pointer to screen BIOS entry	(EGA, VGA, PS/2)
Int\43 10C-10F  BIOS r  Pointer to EGA initialization parameter table
Int\44 110-113  BIOS	  First 128 Graphics Characters
Int\45 114-117  BIOS r  Reserved by IBM  (not initialized)
Int\46 118-11B  BIOS	  Pointer to hard disk 2 params (AT, PS/2)
Int\47 11C-11F  BIOS r  Reserved by IBM  (not initialized)
Int\48 120-123  BIOS	  PCjr Cordless Keyboard Translation
Int\49 124-127  BIOS	  PCjr Non-Keyboard Scancode Translation Table
Int\4A 128-12B  BIOS r  Real-Time Clock Alarm (Convertible, PS/2)
  4B-59  12C-	  BIOS	  Reserved for BIOS
Int\5A 168-16B  BIOS r  Cluster Adapter BIOS entry address
Int\5B 16C-16F  BIOS*r  IBM  (cluster adapter?)
Int\5C 170-173  BIOS	  NETBIOS interface entry port
 60-67	 180-19F	  User Program Interrupts (availible for general use)
Int\60		  10-Net Network
Int\67		  LIM & AQA EMS, EEMS

 68-7F	 1A0-1FF	  Reserved by IBM
Int\6C		  System Resume Vector (Convertible)
Int\6F		  some Novell and 10-Net API functions
irq08.htm">Int\70		  IRQ08 Real Time Clock Interrupt (AT, PS/2)
irq09.htm">Int\71		  IRQ09 LAN Adapter 1
irq10.htm">Int\72		  IRQ10 (AT, XT/286, PS/2)  Reserved
irq11.htm">Int\73		  IRQ11 (AT, XT/286, PS/2)  Reserved
irq12.htm">Int\74		  IRQ12 Mouse Interrupt (PS/2)
irq13.htm">Int\75		  IRQ13 Coprocessor Error
irq14.htm">Int\76		  IRQ14 Hard Disk Controller (AT, PS/2)
irq15.htm">Int\77		  IRQ15 (AT, XT/286, PS/2)  Reserved
Int\7C		  IBM REXX88PC command language
 80-85	 200-217	  ROM BASIC

 86-F0	 218-3C3	  Used by BASIC Interpreter When BASIC is running

 F1-FF	 3C4-3FF	  Reserved by IBM Interprocess Communications Area
Int\F8	  ICA *r  Set Shell Interrupt (OEM)
Int\F9	  ICA *r  OEM SHELL service codes
Int\FA	  ICA  r  USART ready (RS-232C)
Int\FB	  ICA  r  USART RS ready (keyboard)
Int\FE	  ICA *r  used on '283 & '386
Int\FF	  ICA *r  used on '283 & '386

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