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Procedure of assembly wiring
of a-stable multivibrator

The wiring under IC1
Mount the IC socket
Mount the diode D2
Mount the resistor R2
Mount the resistor R1
Mount the diode D1
Mount the capacitor C5
Mount the capacitor C6
Mount the resisitor R3
Mount the resisitor R5
Mount the transistor TR1
Mount the resistor R4
Mount the Light Emitting Diode D3(red)
Mount the transistor TR2
Mount the resistor R6
Mount the Light Emitting Diode D4(green)
Mount the capacitor C1
Mount the capasitor C2
Mount the three terminals voltage regulator IC2
Mount the capasitor C3
Mount the capacitor C4

Up to here,
all the parts could be fixed on the printed board.
Next is the wiring that used tin coated wire.

The ground wiring of C1, C2, C3, C4 and IC2
The ground wiring of IC1
The ground wiring of TR1 and TR2
The +5V wiring
The +12V wiring of R4 and R6
The +12V wiring of C1 and C2
Soldering of the unuse lead of IC socket
Attach the spacer to the printed board

Up to here
the assembly, wiring of the circuit finished.

Check of wiring

Check the ground wiring
Check +12V wiring
Check +5V wiring
Check other wiring
Check the shotage of the power line

The check of wiring finished.
Next is an operation confirmation test.

Operation confirmation test

Yet, IC1 does not mount to the IC socket.

Connection of the power supply
Check the power supply voltage
Mount the IC1

Check the operation

Are red and green LED flickering alternately ?

With over the assembly, wiring work of the circuit are completion.

See 'Trouble shooting' in the case that it does not flicker.