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Implement of the PCB making

To make the Printed Circuit Board, following implement becomes necessary.
The way of making the Printed Circuit Board is not only the way of introducing this time.

Implement and material to use
Positive exposure printed board The material which the ultraviolet rays change the nature to has been painted the copper foil of the PCB.
It piles the film which pictured the mask pattern on the positive exposure printed board and it irradiates the ultraviolet rays.
The part where the ultraviolet rays were irradiated changes in the quality.
When putting the positive exposure printed board which finished irradiating the ultraviolet rays in the developer, the part where the ultraviolet rays were irradiated dissolves in the developer and the masked part doesn't dissolve.
The part which wasn't dissolved in the developer is left as the mask pattern of the etching and doesn't dissolve in the etchant, too.
Development medicine of a sensitizerIt dissolves the sensitizer in the part where the ultraviolet rays of the positive exposure printed board were irradiated.
Mask pattern It may picture the mask pattern in the black ink at the transparent sheet.
In the case of me, I picture the mask pattern drawing by the software, "Visio", and am using it for the overhead projector (OHP) sheet, printing.
Ultraviolet ray exposure equipment It is made even if it uses the fluorescence light desk stand.
Because about 20 minutes of the light were necessary, I made the ultraviolet ray exposure equipment with the timer (the fluorescence light with the timer).
ClampIt is the implement to hold for board and the mask pattern to stick when irradiating the ultraviolet rays to the positive exposure printed board with the ultraviolet ray exposure equipment.
Resist pen It uses for the repair of the mask pattern.
It is a kind of the oily dry ink.
Etching apparatus It is the equipment to dissolve the copper(Etching) which the printed board is unnecessary to.
Even if there is not such equipment, the etchant can be dissolved by putting it in the palette to use for the development of the photograph, too.
Quartz pipe heater It is the heater which raises the temperature of the etchant at 40-43 degC.
In the liquid temperature, when high, the copper melts early.
It says that it must not raise at equal to or more than 45 degC.
Etching liquid It is the solution which dissolves the copper.
It is the solution of the Ferric Chloride.
Resist solventIt uses to remove the mask pattern of the printed board that the etching was ended.
Battery style mini drill It makes a hole which lets through the lead line of the part.
The hand drill is good but I am using the mini drill of the electric formula because the bits of the drill is thin and it is easy to break.
FluxIt paints to prevent the copper of the printed board from the oxidation.
Solder resistIt paints the wiring surface of the printed board and extra solder makes not be stuck.

When making the printed board without using a lot of implements, too,
the one in the following with the minimum is necessary.
The printed boardThe one that the copper foil is stuck in the insulation board.(One where the wiring pattern isn't pictured)
The oily black ink It is the one to picture the mask pattern.
Use the one which doesn't dissolve in the etchant. (It attempts to examine)
The etchantThe solution of the Ferric Chloride.
The palette It is the receptacle which pours the etchant.
It is the know-how that it dissolves while shaking.
Cleanser It uses to peel off the mask pattern of the ending printed board of the etching.
It is the kitchenware to use when washing the pan, the iron pot at the kitchen.
The thin drill bit It makes a hole which lets through the lead line of the part.
It depends on the thickness of the lead line of the part, too, but it uses about 0.8 mm.
The fluxIt is the solution to prevent the printed wiring from the oxidation.

To make the mask pattern is the most difficult part in the making of the printed board.
In case of the way of picturing directly at the printed board, to erase when failing is terrible.
This is quite tired.
Depending on the kind of the oily black ink, there is one which is dissolving in the etchant, too. On probation, it pictures the line in the ink at the small printed board and it is necessary to confirm whether or not the etchant doesn't melt.

In the fact, it costs a lot of money little but I am using the positive exposure printed board.