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of Engineering Method

I will show the procedure of the electronic circuits making below.

Idea:What kind of feature do you want to make by the electronic circuit?

Circuit design:What kind of circuit to realize an idea, should it use?

Part selection: Do you want to make it cheap?
Do you want to make it small?
Do you want to use the part that you have ?

Printed circuit pattern design :
Decide the part arrangement on the printed board and make the print pattern drawing of the printed board.

Assembly:Mount the parts actually on the printed board and wire them.

Check:Confirm whether or not there is not mistake in the made circuit.

Test/Adjustment:Confirm whether or not the made circuit works as the expectations.

Housing:Put a complete circuit in the case.

Combination:Connect with the other equipment according to need.

When beginning just now, it had better consult the example of the good circuit.
( Imitation is first step )

On these pages, I will introduce about the "Assembly".
Preparation of engineering
The point of the production