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Parts explanation of Wind gauge


PIC16F84 can be used if measuring the turn of the axis by the wind velocity only. With this equipment, USB is used for an interface with a personal computer. I could acquire the driver which controls USBN9604 as a USB driver using PIC16F87x. Therefore, I used 873.


IC of National Semiconductor was used as a USB driver. This IC supports USB Ver 1.0 and 1.1. Since there are few amounts of data treated with this equipment, Ver1.0 is enough as them. Ver2.0 cannot be treated.
Form is a surface mount type called SOP( Small Outline Package ). A pin interval is 1.27mm and is a half with a usual DIP type pin interval of 2.54mm.

SOP pitch conversion board

USBN9604 is a surface mount type and a pin interval is 1.27mm. Therefore, mounting to a universal board is troublesome. Therefore, I used the printed circuit board which mounts SOP-type IC and changes a pin interval.

Right-hand side is the photograph which carries USBN9604 on a conversion board.
3 terminal regulator

Stabilized +5V power supply for PIC and USB driver IC is made by this regulator.
IC socket

This is IC socket for PIC. PIC16F873 is a slim type of 28 pins.
Two sockets of 14 pins were used.
Crystal oscillator

This is the crystal oscillation element used by a USB driver.
24MHz is used.
Ceramic capacitor

This is the ceramic capacitor used in the crystal oscillating circuit of a USB driver.

This is an oscillation element for making the clock of PIC.
20MHz is used.

1/6W is fundamentally used for the resistor.
However, since the 22-ohm 1/6W resistor was not able to obtain, I used 1/4W.
Electrolytic capacitor

This capacitor is used for the filter of power supply voltage.
It is 16V 100F.
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

This capacitor is used for the high frequency bypass of a power supply circuit.
Printed circuit board

This is an universal printed board with 15 x 25 halls.

This is a terminal for wiring.
It is also used for connection of the printed circuit board on which USBN9604 was mounted.
Photointerrupter ( TLP800A )

This is the photo-transistor used in order to detect the number of rotations of the wind gauge shaft.

Wind cup
This is a hemisphere for receiving a wind. I was not able to find a very much suitable thing. And at last, I was able to find the egg-shaped case where it was divided into a half.
The diameter of a cup is 45mm and the depth is 30mm. It's made from a plastic.
Ball bearing

This is a ball bearing for making rotation of an axis smooth. The size of a hole is 4mm. An outer diameter is 13mm and thickness is 5mm.

Axis of rotation

This is the stick of brass of the diameter of 4mm used for the axis of rotation of a wind velocity sensor.

This is the stopper which prevents that the axis of rotation moves up and down.
The hole diameter is 4mm, the outside diameter is 10mm and the thickness is 5mm.
This is the parts which connect the axis of the wind cup and the axis of rotation.
The original use of this part is connecting a 4mm shaft and a 3mm shaft.
I make four holes for the wind cup shaft in the part on the side of 3mm.
Slit board attachment

In order to measure the number of rotations of an axis, a disk with a slit is used. This is used to fix a disk on the axis.
The original use of this part is the pulley over which a belt is covered. The side can be used for disk fixation.
The hole diameter is 4mm, the outside diameter is 16mm and the thickness is 14mm.
Wind cup shaft

This is the shaft which connects a wind cup to the axis of rotation.
The length is 73mm and the diameter is 3mm. The 3mm screw is made at the both ends.
Slit board

This is a slit board for measuring the number of rotations of an axis.
It is an aluminum disk with a diameter of 30mm, and a thickness of 1mm.
The slit is not made yet.
Rotor fixed board

This is an acrylics board with a diameter of 50mm and a thickness of 5mm.
This board is used to fix the rotor.
Ball bearing fixed part

Ball bearings are used in order to make rotation of a rotor smooth.
As for the parts which fix a ball bearing to a rotor fixed board, the acrylics board with a thickness of 1mm is used.
Rotor fixed shaft

This is a shaft with a length of 50mm used in order to connect the rotor fixed boards.
Since the 3mm screw is made by the both ends of a shaft, a board is easily fixable.

To protect from rain, the rotor part is put in the vinyl chloride pipe.
The diameter of inner of a thick pipe is 56mm in diameter. A rotor part is a diameter of 50mm. Therefore, it is a size exactly good for accommodating.
Rotor part fixing bracket

This is the metallic ornaments for fixing a rotor part to a case.