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Instruction set of PIC16 series

In PIC16 series, RISC(Reduced Instruction Set Computer) is adopted and the number of the instructions to use is 35 kinds.
When clicking the mnemonic of each instruction, you can jump to the instruction specification.
The terminology explanation
Mnemonic : The assembler language which made an operation code plain
Operands: The specification part except the operation code
MSb: Most Significant bit
LSb: Least Significant bit
Flag: The field of the STAUS register


Operation explanationInstruction codeFlag
Byte-oriented file register operations
ADDWFf, dAdd W and fC, DC, Z
ANDWFf, dAND W with fZ
CLRFfClear fZ
COMFf, dComplement fZ
DECFf, dDecrement fZ
DECFSZf, dDecrement f, Skip if 0
INCFf, dIncrement fZ
INCFSZf, dIncrement f, Skip if 0
IORWFf, dInclusive OR W with fZ
MOVFf, dMove fZ
MOVWFfMove W to f
NOP-No Operation
RLFf, dRotate Left f through CarryC
RRFf, dRotate Right f through CarryC
SUBWFf, dSubtract W from fC, DC, Z
SWAPFf, dSwap nibbles in f
XORWFf, dExclusive OR W with fZ
Bit-oriented file register operations
BCFf, bBit Clear f
BSFf, bBit Set f
BTFSCf, bBit Test f, Skip if Clear
BTFSSf, bBit Test f, Skip if Set
Literal and control operations
ADDLWkAdd literal and WC, DC, Z
ANDLWkAND literal with WZ
CALLkCall subroutine
CLRWDT-Clear Watchdog Timer
GOTOkGo to address
IORLWkInclusive OR literal with WZ
MOVLWkMove literal to W
RETFIE-Return from interrupt
RETLWkReturn with literal in W
RETURN-Return from Subroutine
SLEEP-Go into stanby mode
SUBLWkSubtract W from literalC, DC, Z
XORLWkExclusive OR literal with WZ

x : Don't care