4 Channel Adapter
for the Oscilloscope

Channel 1

Channel 2

Channel 3

Channel 4
These wave from are the one to have observed the voltage wave form
of each part of the triangular wave oscillator circuit.
You can confirm the timing which the signal changes into.

I will introduce the adapter to see the wavefrom of four kinds of the signals at the same time with the oscilloscope on these pages.
At the classy oscilloscope, it is equipped with the function to see more than one signal at the same time. The one which I am having can see only the one signal. Therefore, I made the adapter to see four kinds of the signals at the same time.

The method goes by the switching method. Making it be possible to see four kinds of the input signals at the same time by switching them at the short period. In addition to the way of introducing here, there is a method which changes the input every period. In case of the method, the changing speed may be low-speed comparatively.

This oscilloscope adapter isn't highly efficient.

Operation principle of the oscilloscope
Making introduction

The inside equipment photograph

The equipment front photograph

The equipment back photograph

The input cable

The output cable

You can see 3D photo at "3D photograph of the 4 channel adapter for the oscilloscope".