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Digital clock Applet (Ver2)

This applet is the applet that displays the clock on the image such as the photograph.
This applet is based on "Digital clock Applet".
This applet is used on the page of "Digital Clock".

The point which is different from Digital clock Applet is shown below.
Characters are used for the display AM/PM.
PM12:00 is displayed.
Dots are displayed between the hour and the minute.

The function is as follows.
Each font size( Size of the letter ) of AM/PM, Hour, Minute and Second
is possible designated separately.
Each disply position of AM, PM, Hour, Minute and Second is able to be arranged.
The disply changes AM11:59 to PM12:00 and PM11:59 to AM0:00.

The following functions are fixed to avoid the complicatedness of input.
You can change these functions by changing the source program.
The font type is fixing to Dialog.
In the case that there is not the designation of the image file
the backcolor is being done to black.
The color of the display is fixed to red.

The size of DigitalClock1.class becames 6.58KB.

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Source program list

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