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Production of
Head lamp illumination
confirmation device

The circuit esteemed miniaturization and made in a transistor circuit.
It can make to a small size by using IC in the large circuit. It can make small by using the transistor in the circuit like this time. The resistors etc. do mount vertically.
In the case that the circuit is attached to the car, it insulats with the vinyl tape or installs to a small case, and it attaches in the reverse side of the dashboard of the car.
For the attachment of a Cds element, you make the hole at the side of the head lamp case that Cds enters and attach with glue.
In the case of the attachment of LED of the driver's seat, you also make a small hole to the dashboard of the car and attach it.

Please devise the attachment method case by case.

About the circuit action

Circuit drawing

The resistance value to light differs by the difference of the kind of a Cds element.
The action is adjusted by R8.

Pattern drawing