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Square wave oscillator (2)

I introduce the square wave oscillation circuit which used the CMOS inverters in this page.
This circuit is the circuit which is often used by the following reason.
    There are few part numbers of this oscillation circuit.
    There are few oscillation frequency change by the change of the power supply voltage compared with the circuit which used Schmitt inverter.

The oscillation frequency can be calculated by the following formula.

f = 1/(2.2CR)

f:The oscillation frequency (Hz)
C:The capacitor (F)
R:The resistor (ohm)

Data sheet for 4069UB

U in the name means "Unbuffer".
It shows not to be using the buffer circuit for the output circuit.
B shows to be based to the standard of the B type of EIA/JEDEC as the standard of the CMOS.

(Electronic Industries Association/Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council)

Pattern drawing

Operation explanation

Performance evaluation