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I introduce the temperature regulator(Thermostat) which used a thermistor for the temperature sensor. This circuit can control a outside system by driving a relay when the temperature of the thermistor becomes a setting temperature. The strict temperature setting can not be done with this circuit like the thermometer. The resistance value of the thermistor changes by the ambient temperature. This circuit changes the change of the resistance value into the change of the voltage using the transistor. Then, it compares that voltage and the voltage of the setting temperature using the voltage comparator and it drives a relay. It is a relatively simple circuit. With this circuit, the difficult point is to handle an analog signal (the temperature change). The characteristic of the thermistor, the transistor and so on has an influence on the performance of the equipment just as it is. Even if the thermistor or the transistor of the same name is used, the same performance (the setting temperature range and so on) isn't sometimes gotten. The design to have considered the ruggedness of the part is possible. This time, I made a circuit based on the result which measured the characteristic of each part. I think that this way becomes reference as the case when there is not data of the part.