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Performance measurement
of the electric power controller

Electric power control

I measured the relation between the turn angle of the variable resistor for the electric power control and the load electric power. I used the AC ammeter (the digital circuit tester) for the electric power measurement of the load. The wave form of the voltage which is applied to the load is not the sine wave, so the value of the ammeter isn't correct. The measurement result must be seen as the reference. I used the 60-W bulb as the load.


I used the bulb for the 500-W photography as the load and measured the triac temperature rise when making the output 100%. The thermometry made the sensor of the thermocouple thermometer touch the top of the heatsink which installed the triac by the point and was done. The measurement result became the temperature which is higher than I assumed. It is not the dangerous temperature but has the possibility to break the triac when not considering the heatsink.