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+5V Switching regulator (1)

I introduce the switching regulator which used LM2575-5.0 in this page. You can make the stable voltage by using the 3 terminal regulator like LM317. However, because the output electric current and the inputted electric current are the same approximately, the difference between the input electric power (The input voltage x The input electric current) and the output power (The output voltage x The output current) is consumed as the heat with the regulator. Because it is, the efficiency isn't good.
In case of the switching regulator, it inputs only the electric power which is necessary to output from the input by the switching operation. Because it is, there is little electric power to consume with the regulator and it is efficient.

The switching regulator which introduces in this page is the step down type and is the one to get the output voltage which is lower than the input voltage. As for the regulator which uses this time, the output is 5-V fixation.
The switching regulator of the step up type can be made the voltage which is higher than the input voltage.