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+12V/-12V Power supply unit

To work the circuit which used the operational amplifier and so on, the positive and the negative power supply become necessary. The power supply which I introduce here is the one to have used the unit which has the two power supplies of 12 V in the one unit.
The power supply unit is using the ready-made. It inputs AC100 V and it is possible to take out 12 V of the two DCs which are independent as the output.
I considered and made the use (for the experiment) in the future the one with the a little big output current capacity. The positive power supply is the 1.2 amperes and the negative power supply is the 0.9 amperes.
I used ERA22FWA of the POWER SOURCE company as the power supply unit.

I am installing the power supply switch and the output terminal in the surface,
considering the operability.
I opened some holes for the ventilation at the top and the bottom of the case.
The size of the case is the height: 56 mm, the width: 150 mm, the depth: 190 mm.
(It contains the umbo)

The ammeter used the 1 ampere.
The right is for +12 V and the left is for -12 V. I put the mark later so as not to forget.
I used the small one as the power supply switch. It is because the switch isn't carelessly touched.

I used the a little thick wire for the side of the output.