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of PLL synthesizing oscillator (3)

Tools which are necessary to adjust

It is rather the confirmation than the adjustment. There is not a part to adjust too much.

Procedure of the adjustment
    The adjustment preparation
      When using the IC sockets, remove the ICs(IC1 to IC5) from the sockets.
      (Because the IC breaks when there is a mistake in the wiring, it is for the safety).
      Confirm sufficiently about whether there is not a solder-bridge (contacting the terminal or the wiring in the neighborhood with solder) because the wiring is small.
      As for the parts such as the capacitors which have the polarity, confirm whether or not the mounting is right.

    The confirmation of the power supply voltage
      Connect the power supply.
      Make the circuit tester the voltage measurement mode and connect the negative lead line with the grounding and measure the following voltages with the positive lead line. In all voltage measurement after this, the negative reed connects with the grounding.
      When the +8 V line voltage isn't over, because to short-circuit is thought of, switch off the power supply at once.

        The +8 V power supply voltage
        The 16th pin of IC1
        The 16th pin of IC2
        The 16th pin of IC3
        The 16th pin of IC4
        The 16th pin of IC5

      If the confirmation of the voltage ends, removes the power supply once and mount the ICs(IC1 to IC5).
      Don't attache or remove the ICs as it turned on the power.The ICs have broken.
      If mount of the ICs ends, turn on the power again.

    The confirmation of the reference frequency
      Connect the frequency counter with 1st pin of MC14060 and confirm the reference frequency.
      It is OK if 1KHz are over as the reference frequency.

      When not working normally
        Confirm the soldering.
        Because there are few parts, soldering isn't accurately stuck or only to do the bad of the part is thought of.

    The confirmation of the output frequency
      Confirm that the output frequency changes according to the set value of the BCD switch.
BCD set value Output frequency

0-9KHz can not be specified.
Even if it is specified,
the output which was stable isn't gotten.


    The adjustment of the output frequency
      Connect the frequency counter with the output and specify the frequency setting in 999KHz.
      Adjust the output to 999.000KHz with VC1.

    The adjustment ended above.