Build your own PIC development tool

ICD is a development tool used with Microchip (PIC16F87x) micro-controllers. For more information, or to learn more about these controllers I recommend that you visit Microchip’s web site! (Developments Tools, MPLAB ICD) or simply "click" here. Below I will explain how to build your own ICD module and Demonstration board. (Both of which are identical to the ones described by Microchip).

Although I cannot provide any technical support for the ICD and Demonstration board described below, I can assure you that the ICD functions perfectly (Thanks to those who have already informed me of there satisfaction...)

In Circuit Debugging (ICD)

The ICD module is placed between the PC and the 16F87x (with pins RB3, RB6, et RB7 reserved for the ICD). Using your PC and Microchip’s MPLAB IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software which can be downloaded free from Microchip’s website, you can perform the following operations:

Program the 16F86x (erase, read, program...)
Run your program using Break points (at full speed - 0 to 20MHz – as well as single step...)
Read and write to PIC registers...

Building your own ICD!

You can purchase your own ICD (around $1400 Francs), which is an affordable solution, but we can do better...

The ICD interface contains a PIC 16F876. The firmware is provided by Microchip (Thank you!). The HEX file (MPL876.HEX) can be located form MPLAB’s installation directory (provided you request the installation of the ICD software when installing MPLAB). The schematics for the ICD (51184d.pdf ) is given on the web , so all is needed is a PCB layout…surely this could be found on the NET! Disappointment…well almost, at there is a modified version that visible posses some problems…I therefore decided to put in a little sweat and Voila!, here is the result, a PCB that conforms to the original ICD design (news perfect functionality) + the headers + the demo card + aP6¡

Attention! The connection between the ICD module and the target system being debugged (the demo card for example) MUST BE KEPT SHORT, around 50cm (19.5 inches) or less or the system will not function correctly!

ICD: Schematics + PCB + Implantation + Parts List (format PDF)
Download here

Demo card ICD (The same as that shown with the original ICD...)
Download here

Headers (for 28 and 40 pin) + 28/40 pin adapter
Download here