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James Newton's Page of Wierd Code

This is a list of some of the code I've written over the years... Most of it is running on this server. Contact me via the little form at the bottom if you have comments, questions, or an interest in how any of it was done.

NOTE: Most of the code below is really old. Newer stuff is on github.

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Minimal Controller Idea

eMail Archive

postbot.asp: A very (very) full featured and fast email archive system.

mimedecode.asp: Decodes a number of mime and other formats without components. Used by postbot to display inline images, etc... from emails.

Code Generators

A2DCodeGenerator: Generates Microchip PIC MPASM code which converts a value read from a 10 bit A2D to a human readable string of characters ready for display. This was actually written by Bill & Pookie, I just converted it to ASP.

ScaleCodeGenerator.asp: Code Generator produces a Microchip PIC MPASM program that will scale a packed hexidecimal value, two bytes in size, by some specified amount, and return the result as a packed hex value. This was actually written by Bill & Pookie, I just converted it to ASP.

expeval2.asp: Evaluates infix math expressions and links to web pages that contain microcontroller code needed for each step of the compuation of the result.

Ecommerce Stuff

chkaddr.asp: Normalizes and verifies (ZIP+4 lookup) shipping addresses against a unique SQL database of address data. Addresses are stored in an untra compact format. Pulls data for new addresses from USPS as needed. However USPS doesn't like this and so the page regularly breaks as web scraping isn't allowed.

chkemailaddr.asp: Validates email addresses against an internal database or the server listed in dns for the emails domain. Shows the conversation with the server. Requires a commercially available component, so it doesn't work for most addresses now.

PhoneLookup.asp: Normalizes and looks up contact information from a unique internal database, drawing data from online phonebooks such as google and any who as needed. Designed to work with other web pages (like taxship.asp) to paste the results back into the main form if they are correct. Again, web scraping is battled and this regularly breaks.

ecomprice.asp: Displays product price and availability from a unique SQL database in several formats, and implements a simple shopping cart for PayPal with support for "use with..." linking to related products. References to this page are easily embedded in any HTML page via a script reference:

or, for browsers that do not allow scripting, via a linked image
LCD Control Panel

which is generated on the fly. The image is produced by the script only; there is no need for any image generation / manipulation objects to be installed on the server.

<unlisted> Processes PayPal IPN notifications and updates product inventory quantity available in a unique internal database used by ecomprice.asp. Records contact, order item, and accounting information. Future development will support checks for duplicate postings which are amazingly common. PayPal now requires HTTPS and an approved certificate.

taxship.asp: Uses phonelookup to help collect shipping address, calculates exact sales tax (California only, but easy to adapt), then contacts UPS, USPS, or Intershipper to calculate exact shipping cost. Due to the amazingly stupid agreements required by the carriers, the shipping cost calculations are not publically available.

checkdraft.asp: Collects and throughly verifies information from the users check in order to produce a check draft. No one else seems to verify the check data as completely as this script cross checks it. Note that check drafts are a valid, but very rarely used method of transacting payments.

validcheck.asp: Collects information about banks that are not known to the system.

validorder.asp: Verifies all information in an order and sends an email to the sales person

<unlisted>: Scripts that browse, edit, and add data for the contacts, products, orders, etc... in the eCommerce system. Development is not complete.

General Web Site Stuff

spell.asp: Google API spell checker. This is the server component required for the googiespell system by This totally rocks... it is, hands down the best spell checker around.

showall.asp: Shows data about the browser or the browsers recient access to this server (when the IP address is passed in the query string) by searching the servers logs. In a special mode, it shows all access to the server on a minute by minute basis. This is an invaluable diagnostic tool.

dnsbreakout.asp: This script takes the result of a TCP (UDP is not used) DNS lookup on a domain and breaks out the actual Binary response. Some comments are added and values are decoded as per RFC 1035. Requires a commercial component, so this is currently broken.

jsdraw.asp: A Javascript draw program in the browser. Very responsive brush action, area fill, color pallet and full undo/redo. There are pratical limits on the size of the image that can be drawn.

diff.asp: Compaires two documents and shows the difference in several ways.

ageverify.asp: A simple age check page that requests the user birth date and name in a way that is easy to see in the server log files. Not that if you have already entered you DOB, it remembers you next time and just passes you on.

search.asp: Searches web pages and presents the results. Protects the server from overload by limiting searches to one every few seconds and reduces load by cashing common searches.

<unlisted>: Translates city and state into latitude and longitude which is then used to lookup a current weather forcast for the area from NOAA.

Countdown Timer App +

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